Our Mission



The Miami River Art Fair aims to provide a unique fair-going experience while integrating the Miami River as a scenic, historic context for the fair. In partnership with the City of Miami and the Miami River Commission, the Miami River Art Fair will act as a launchpad for the revitalization efforts underway for the Downtown Miami/ Brickell areas as cultural, fine art destinations in the city of Miami.

The historic Miami River has been the focus of many revitalization efforts in the past decade. Namely, the Miami River Greenway project, that sought to re-connect communities to this historic waterway and to each other via a long chain of parks and pathways. Efforts to fully realize the Miami River Greenway Project were however, thwarted by stakeholders and developers that sought to privatize the river-side real-estate.

The Miami River Art Fair is a project that will, because of its accessibility to the beautiful Riverwalk behind the Downtown Convention Center, make the Miami River and Downtown Miami into a public urban hotspot during Art Basel week. Hosting a prominent art fair in this Riverwalk area will be further encouragement for privatized sectors of the river-side to be reconsidered for public use. In addition, this will be the first art fair outside of Miami Beach and Wynwood and will bring the tourism boom during Art Basel to this overlooked area.